Iamsterdam, Amsterdam
Amsterdam! Land of delicious stroopwafels, insanely beautiful canals and frites!

Flower Market, Amsterdam
We stayed at an airbnb in the De Pijp area of the Oud-Zuid district which was pretty great with a bunch of restaurants and wine bars nearby and was walking distance to the tram stops which have pretty regular services from 6.30am to about midnight. We didn’t dare hire a bike and ride around like the locals because my god their speeds!

Stroopwafel-maker, Amsterdam
But also I picked this area to be around the corner from Albert Cuypmarkt, Amsterdam’s largest and busiest street market with about 300 stalls selling everything from clothes, electronics, flowers but most importantly food 😀 Trying a fresh stroopwafel was high on my agenda and Goudse Original Stroopwafels (€1,50/AUD$2.40) drew me in, the sweet perfume of the molasses-y syrup being pressed into wafer thin waffles calling my name. Definitely a sugar rush after consuming one but it was just irresistible especially piping hot in the middle of winter (ok fine it was end of Autumn then but my god was I cold).

Stroopwafel, Amsterdam
The stroopwafels also come in mega ginormous Superstrooper size (€3,50/$AUD5.65) bigger than my face! You can also choose to get them dipped in chocolate (extra €0.50/AUD$0.80) but I preferred them plain without the chocolate. Yes I know my blog is called ChocolateSuze but shh…

Dutch herring, Amsterdam
Dutch herring (nieuw herring) is another specialty that we ordered from Vlaardingse Haringhande (€2.50/AUD$4.05). It’s a salted fish that’s served raw and cold, with onion and pickled cucumbers that I actually quite liked- the flesh is buttery soft and not at all ‘fishy’ for such an oily fish. You can also get the herring served in a sandwich (broodje haring) but eh do it like the locals!

Heineken, Amsterdam
We took a self guided 1.5 hour Heineken tour (Stadhouderskade 78, 1072 AE Amsterdam) at the original brewery (€18/AUD$29.20, €3 discount if you book online) which was actually pretty interesting as there was a lot of interactive displays and of course free beer to be drunk. Oh and at the end of the tour you end up downstairs in a warehouse type of space where you’re able to take a crash course on how to pour a beer from a tap with the perfect amount of foamy head.

Canals, Amsterdam
So beautiful <3

Fries at Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx, Amsterdam
When the munchies hit, get yourself a paper cone of Patat Frites aka the most perfect fries from Vlaams Friteshuis Vleminckx (Voetboogstraat 33, 1012 XK Amsterdam), a tiny hole in the wall joint. There’s frites stores everywhere, usually with a fries sign glowing enticingly out front but Vleminckx has a cult-like following and it just happened to be conveniently across the road from the coffee shop we were at. Join the queue and shuffle your way to the front, don’t worry it’ll move fast! The piping hot fries is smothered in the sauce of your choice- I’d chosen the special mix of curry ketchup and mayonnaise with a handful of chopped raw onion which makes for the most ridiculously tasty combo and all for the low low price of €3,60/AUD$5.80.

Cheese and bacon pancake at Pancakes Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Pancakes were another highlight of my eats, in Amsterdam the traditional Dutch pancakes are of the super thin crepe variety and just so delicious with the barest of toppings. I was taking care of a certain someone who was having a bad reaction to a brownie he ate and needed a place to hang so into Pancakes Amsterdam (Prins Hendrikkade 48, 1012 AC Amsterdam) we went, which had such a great view of the canals. I ordered the traditional bacon and cheese (€9,50/AUD$15.40) which was utterly delightful, the pancake was light as a feather with gloriously crispy cheesy edges and embedded with the most deliciously perfect bacon strips.

Poffertjes, Amsterdam
De Carousel Pannenkoeken (H.M. van Randwijkplantsoen 1, 1017 ZW Amsterdam) was highly recommended to me for their dessert pancakes, specifically the poffertjes- small fluffy pancakes. The restaurant is built around a small carousel which borders on the slightly gaudy but hey we’re here for the pancakes! There’s just something about eating miniature versions of food that really hooks me haha the menu had poffertjes with every kind of topping under the rainbow but I stick with the classic icing sugar and whipped cream (€6,50/AUD$10.50). The serve is deceptively large and by the midway point I was struggling with the sugar overload.

Bitterballen, Amsterdam
We did the Amsterdam More Beer (self guided) pub crawl as a way to walk and see more of the city and I was v determined to drink 5 beers and get the free tshirt. Most bars serve snacks but the one that held my sway every time I spotted it was my beloved bitterballen- deep fried, bite sized beef and gravy croquettes.

FEBO, Amsterdam
If, after a late night out on the town and you’re ravenous but nothing’s open, it’s time to hit up a FEBO automat aka vending machine from a hole in the wall. The Dutch chain of snack bars sell deep fried croquettes and burgers which are then placed immediately into the vending machines waiting for the inevitable fumble for coins to insert. Don’t want to interact with humans? This is the place for you! I choose the neon hued cheese filled croquette (€1,80/AUD$2.90) which satisfied those snack cravings.

Cars, Amsterdam
Aaaand special mention to all the cute tiny cars everywhere!

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