Bistecca, Sydney

Bistecca, Sydney

Bistecca, Sydney
MEEEEEEAT! Sydney’s hottest restaurant is Bistecca, featuring Florence’s famous T-bone steak and is located off Dalley St and around the corner from the horror that is the light rail construction on George St.

Make your way down a slightly shady looking staircase which opens up to the bar area where you’ll wait if your entire group haven’t arrived yet. Reservations are only for groups of 6 or more and generally if you aren’t there before 6.30pm you’ll have to wait about an hour and a half for a table. Luckily the bar does serve snacks like olives, cured meats and cheeses and while there’s no pressure to order a drink while you’re waiting, the menu is actually quite reasonably priced (though I’d skip their poor attempt at a bellini and stick with the wines).

Mobile phone drawer at Bistecca, Sydney
When we were finally led through the bar to the secret entrance of the restaurant we were momentarily confused when we were told to surrender our mobile phones. You don’t have to of course but it’s to encourage customers to enjoy their meals and engage with each other so with a shrug we deposit our phones into the cushioned drawer which is then locked and we’re given a key in case we need to access them during the meal.

Beef fat candle at Bistecca, Sydney
While we peruse the menu, focaccia bread arrives and a candle is lit and placed on our table but this is not just any ordinary candle, it’s a candle made of beef drippings! Wait a bit for the candle to melt before tearing off some focaccia and dipping into the puddle of rich beef fat.

Bistecca, Sydney
We’d missed out on the first seating and didn’t want to fill up on snacks while waiting so by the time we were shown to our table we were ravenous and our eyes gleamed when we were asked how many grams we wanted our steak to be. There is only one type available, the Bistecca alla Fiorentina which is $13 per 100 grams and staff recommend about 300g per person so the 4 of us we decide to get 1.5kg as the steak does include bone.

Bistecca steak at Bistecca, Sydney
Our waiter delivers the verdict to the open kitchen and we watch as they hack away at a giant slab of meat to cut our steaks to order. The steaks are then presented to us for inspection and the weight and cost is scribbled on our paper table cloth before they’re whisked away to sizzle on the woodfire grill.

Bistecca steak at Bistecca, Sydney
Oh helloooo! Our t-bones are a perfect medium rare with delicious charred edges and sliced and reassembled for ease of eating. It’s incredible juicy, tender and our table is silenced as we gleefully give in to our carnivore happiness and eye each other over who gets to gnaw at the bone.

Mashed potato at Bistecca, Sydney
While there is only one main available, there’s a whole bunch of sides that we couldn’t resist ordering. If I’m eating a steak then I will always need a carb so we had to order the potato mash ($10) which was nice and fluffy and so easily dispatched into my carb loving stomach.

Asparagus at Bistecca, Sydney
I’m not sure what I was expecting with the Asparagus, cured yolk, prosciutto ($12) but I was a little underwhelmed at the row of asparagus all lined up and showered with grated cured egg yolk. I didn’t taste any prosciutto but maybe the asparagus spear that I nabbed was missing this? It was fine but well, it just didn’t do anything for me.

Brussel Sprouts at Bistecca, Sydney
The Brussels sprouts ($15) however, are a bloody revelation, the outer leaves are crisp and charred with a tender center and works well with dabs of the sour cream and shavings of pecorino.

I somehow don’t have a photo but surprisingly I really liked the cavolo nero ($11) the most out of all the sides, maybe because it was loaded with confit garlic cream and I can never have too much garlic haha and it definitely helped with the meat sweats.

Tiramisu at Bistecca, Sydney
We were pretty damn full but when there was a mention of tiramisu ($15) we perked up and agreed to share one. It’s thankfully light and creamy and just sweet enough to hit all the right notes.

3 Dalley St

Trading Hours:
Lunch Wednesday to Friday 12pm-3pm
Dinner Monday to Saturday 6pm-10pm

Monday and Tuesday 4pm-2am
Wednesday to Friday 12pm-2am
Saturday 4pm-2am

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