Self-defined as a webzine, The Coffeetographer is a cultural platform where every reader can find a fine combination of art, highly curated culture, people, and the world of coffee. Chermelle D. Edwards, a passionate coffee lover and the founder of this highly aesthetic website, finds inspiration in the wide variety of culture, music, art, family and friends. Moreover, Chermelle never fails to fascinate her readers with her unique storytelling, letting her readers see the world of coffee as a culture of its own.

“This space is not a blog or an ordinary listicle of where to go in coffee and culture. Instead it is a place of highly curated culture, images of people and coffee and structures itself as a vehicle for communing, cultural anthropology and the connection economy.”
-Charmelle. D. Edwards

What you will find:

a wide variety of culture represented through the lenses of coffee editorials, music, photos, film, fashion and much more.