Firedoor, Surry Hills

Firedoor, Surry Hills

Firedoor, Surry Hills
I love fire. There’s something hypnotic watching flames, twisting and dancing to their own tune. Growing up out west where bushfires was the norm, I grew to love the smoky scent in the air, the headiness of the slightly burnt char scent on satay sticks grilled in the backyard or the gooey sweetness of marshmallows roasted at school camps. No this is not an admission to my slightly pyro ways but the reason I couldn’t wait to eat at Firedoor and celebrate Helen’s birthday.

Bread at Firedoor, Surry Hills
We start with deliciously warm slices of woodfired bread ($8) with cultured butter and crunchy nubs of sprouted rye. I friggen love cultured butter oh man MOAR PLS! It’s creamy and rich, slightly tangy and oh so silky and perfect to be slathered inch thick onto the nutty, smoky bread.

Swordfish at Firedoor, Surry Hills
I was blown away by the Swordfish, sugar snaps, buttermilk ($28). The swordfish was briefly kissed by flames before slicing and setting on top of the sweetest sugar snaps I have ever had. But the swordfish was beyond incredible, I believe the belly is used and it just melted in the mouth and was buttery and incredible. The buttermilk dressing (the liquid left behind after churning their house made butter) is nice and light, adding a touch of creaminess but without overpowering the fish.

Scarlet Prawn at Firedoor, Surry Hills
And if you guys follow me on Instagram you’ll know about my recent obsession and the reason we were dining at Firedoor: The Scarlet prawn ($24)! This beautiful prawn tastes like a cross between a lobster and a scampi, with delicately sweet tasting flesh. But the prawn head is what it’s all about, use your hands and suck out all the prawny juices- it will be the most intensely prawn experience you’ve ever had!

Flank at Firedoor, Surry Hills
Sadly since it was just Helen and I, we decided there was no way we could finish the 203 day dry-aged rib of beef ($176) so instead ordered the Wagyu flank, smoked eggplant, horseradish ($54) which was absolutely perfect. The steak is thickly sliced with a perfect caramelised crust and a juicy center. I was surprised the steak didn’t have more of a smoky flavour but the smoked eggplant sauce provided all the incredible sweet smokiness I needed so I could control the amount I wanted with each mouthful.

Bombe at Firedoor, Surry Hills
We ordered the Smoked white chocolate, cherry and coconut bombe ($20) for dessert, not really expecting too much but oh boy how I love the theatrics of the alcohol poured over the dessert and set on fire! It had the perfect balance of creamy richness from the chocolate and sweet tartness of the buried cherries with a nice crunch contrast of the coconut biscuit on the base.

22-33 Mary Street
Surry Hills
NSW 2010

Trading Hours:
Sunday – Wednesday: Closed
Thursday – Friday: 12 – 3pm, 5:30 – 10:30pm
Saturday: 5:30 – 10:30pm

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