OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo

OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo

Truffle pasta at OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo
A restaurant that serves only one dish, one wine and only plays one artist’s music? Welcome to OUT Restaurant in Shibuya, Tokyo, a tiny 13 seater minimalist restaurant that is perfect for the indecisive diner but especially suited for Japan where specialty shops and restaurants are highly valued.

Sometime last year, the boy and I had just landed in Tokyo and dropped off our luggage before setting out to meet Yas. Jetlagged and getting horribly lost, we finally arrived at OUT and settled at the u-shaped dining table to the sweet tunes of Led Zeppelin’s Black Dog.

OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo
Like most places in Japan, there’s a ticket machine in the corner to order your food- ‘The Set’ (¥4,000/AU$50.30) comes with 150 grams of fresh pasta, five grams of fresh truffle, and a glass of wine, or you can get the pasta separately (¥2,900/AU$36.50). If you have any problems with the ticket machine or have any questions, the staff are more than happy to explain.

Truffle at OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo
We watch as the chef dunks portions of fresh tagliatelle into boiling water before draining and twirling onto our plates with a slick of butter and a touch of parmesan.

Truffle pasta at OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo
And then the glass cloche displaying the truffles in the centre of the room is ceremoniously lifted aaaaand then it’s time to rain truffles!

Truffle pasta at OUT Restaurant, Shibuya, Tokyo
The heady fragrance of truffles fills the room with every whisper thin shave and I can’t help but silently urge the truffle bearer for a never ending shower of truffles onto my pasta. The dish is simplistic yes, but it’s just so delicious- the pasta is spot on al dente with a perfect bite to it, the truffles are delicate in flavour but the incredible aroma has me in raptures.

OUT Restaurant
150-0002 Tokyo-to,
Shibuya-ku, Shibuya,
2 Chome−7−14, Vort Aoyama

Trading Hours:
Mon: Closed
Tues – Sat: 6pm – 12am
Sun: 6 – 10pm

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